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Using Blockchain & AI 

To launch and support global opportunities

LiTeum TDE  Live!
Phase I ends in
$249,902 contribution received
Funds raised
Project execution plan
Q4 2017
Initiation of LiTeum concept as an extension of Proximi-Fi project
Q1 2018
Preliminary research & concept validation
Q2 2018
Deployment of TGE platform & features
Q3 2018
Distribution & listing on digital exchanges
Q4 2018
Release of LiTeum platform beta version
Q1 2019
Deployment of functional version
What is LiTeum?

Imagine a Technology that creates real world value for online merchants, Affiliates and shoppers

• In a $2.3 Trillion USD market

• With over 40 billion transactions annually

Driven by Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence is set to be the game changer in e-Commerce space!
LiTeum is an e-Commerce marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology.
With a unique algorithm that will insure the effort of Affiliates promoting products of merchants on LiTeum online marketplace “even when their marketing activities do not result in a sale”.

In order to

Reduce marketing and advertising cost for online merchants

Motivate e-Commerce Affiliates and referral promoters

Eliminate suspicion & establish transparency between merchants & affiliates

Drive sales & secured transaction in LiTeum online market place

The outcome

High value perception

Rise in popularity

Increased demand and Wider acceptance

 savings  in marketing cost

Our story and existing product
Proximi-Fi  as a project of  LiTeum 

Our journey as a team began in 2016 from city of Prague, in heart of Europe. With vibrant team that comprises of fearless Tech entrepreneurs and developers, we have dared to challenge convention with our Innovative solutions over the years.

Proximi-Fi, an Internet of Things platform that  uses Bluetooth Technology  to provide proximity marketing service for small business owners around the world, built and managed by LiTeum team. Proximi-Fi has steadily gained traction  in  North American market with several corporate clients and distributors across the United States. 

As a result of extensive research, the LiTeum platform proposes to launch and support businesses  the world.

Details of Token Distribution 

Symbol = LTMF
Total Supply = 100,000,000,000
Token distribution
  • 20% Crowd Contributors
  • 5 % Private contributors
  • 10% Founders & Project Team
  • 3% Airdrop & bounties
  • 62% Platform reserve
Funds allocation
  • 50% Research & Development
  • 30% PR & Marketing
  • 15%Operations
  • 5% Legal & Contingency
 Airdrop Distribution  & Referral Plan

LTMF for Airdrop


Minimum distribution goal

10000 registered wallets

$30 worth of LTMF is sent directly to Ethereum wallet of every verified member signup after completing airdrop tasks

Amount of tokens to be  airdropped for this phase Current Phase value of LTMF ($) Tokens sent to airdrop participants Worth ($)
1B  LTMF 0.001 30,000 30

2 tier commission structure for referring new user participation in bounty/airdrop


Referral Tier
Airdrop referral commission
1st $20 worth of LTMF
2nd $10 worth of LTMF
Crowd Distribution Parameters
Crowd distribution


Currency accepted


Fund raising goal

$10 Million USD

2 tier commission structure for referring contributors


Referral Tier
Referral commission
1st 32%
2nd 18%
How to participate in airdrop 
  • You signup and verify account
  • Navigate to Bounties tab in your  member area, select all bounty and view Airdrop instructions.
How to participate in crowd contribution 
  • You signup and verify account
  • Use the contribute tab on your members area .
Meet the minds behind LiTeum concept
Daniel Chukwuma Anyamene

Began his journey as entrepreneur during his early years at college. In the past 13 years, Daniel has built several online and offline businesses in different parts of the world including the United States. He is currently the CEO at idiTech.

Jana Kozakova

A successful sales manager with more than 7 years’ experience in analyzing clients requirements, Jana has managed large inventories for multi-national companies over the years. Adventurous at heart, she likes snowboarding and winter skiing.

Development Team
Ravindar Singh Choudhary
LiTeum Solution Architect- CTO

IT Entrepreneur, Consultant and CTO with more than 10 years of technical experience, combining technical and business knowledge to create practical solutions for businesses. Acquired experience by using virtually all modern technologies for different Cryptocurrency/Blockchain/AI/IoT/VR/AR and international industries.

Manisha Mandwal
Designer- LiTeum Cloud App/Internal Exchange

Holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. She has successfully completed the design of around 25 projects in last one year with excellent client feedback. She was actively involved in building complete web design of several crypto exchanges including the bitcoin trader project and Blockchain related projects in the past.

Soniya Patidar
Developer- LiTeum Cloud App

 Over the course of 5 years she has gained extensive experience in Web development. Soniya was awarded “Best employee of the Quarter” for her hard work and meeting deliveries of assigned tasks. She is deeply passionate about Javascript framework like Angular and React.

Rahul kotiya
Rahul Kotiya
QA specialist- LiTeum cloud App

A graduate of Engineering from one of the top college in Central India. Rahul has extensive battle-tested experience in world of Web and mobile application. Collaborated in IT  projects as subject matter expert and reviewed current & projected future state of processes. He spots trends and make recommendations for improvement. 

Heena Chawla
Heena Chawla
Lead developer- LiTeum Cloud App/Blockchain

Brilliant in understanding requirements and implementation, Heena is adept at learning new Technologies. As a Blockchain developer, she currently focuses on  integration of Blockhain in marketplaces and healthcare organization. She strongly believe that Blockchain Technology has come to solve real world problems.

Surabhi Vinchurka
Developer- LiTeum Cloud App/Blockchain

 Database and logic expert, she was instrumental in creating warehouse database for one of Northern India’s largest Grocery Store in their bid for automation. Surabhi has also been very active in the Blockchain projects,  played a crucial role in development of wallet for a major UK based platform.

Shubham Kaushaly
Senior Developer- LiTeum Cloud App

A graduate of Acropolis institute of Technology and Research. Shubham  successfully completed several projects including that of central India’s biggest training institute. The system currently handles a capacity of 20,000 students simultaneously in 17 cities.

Vinod Dhakad
Project manager-LiTeum cloud App

Highly talented, with hands on experience in managing development projects. Vinod has received awards of appreciation for effective management in almost all the projects he has handled which earned him 3 promotions in 3 years as well.

Anunay Prasad
Project lead- LiTeum AI/Internal exchange

Professional with Approx 10 years of experience in software development with reputed organizations.Expertise in end-to-end implementation of various projects. A dedicated, organized and results- driven, expertise in Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Mongo DB, AngularJs with strong collaborative and research skills.

Kapil Bajaj
Project lead- LiTeum AI/Internal exchange

Developed Foreign Exchange for two major travel domain international companies. Expertise in Spring Security, Database Management, Data Extraction, Hadoop Technology. He is delegating work to offshore counterpart and delivering expected results to businesses.

Rakesh Panwar
Senior UX/UI designer: LiTeum Internal Exchange

Working as a Senior UX/UI Designer from last 4 years. Skilled with HTML, jQuery, Ajax ,multiple browsers tools and programs deal with Web Applications.

Arihant Jain
Developer: LiTeum Internal Exchange

A graduate of Engineering & CDAC from one of the top college in Pune. The last 5 years, he has been focusing on mobile application development, creating numerous iPhone ,iPad and Android applications.

Sharad Sharma
Developer-LiTeum Internal Exchange

working as Module lead and Expertise in cache implementations, Spring Boot Development, SQL handling .He is sophisticated of learning or competence towards achievement of the programme learning outcomes .He developed CRM & SAP applications for business clients.

Tarun Garg
Module lead-LiTeum Internal Exchange

He is recognised as ‘Champ @ Work’ by CTO. Worked with IRCTC(Indian Railways) as a Senior Software Developer and involved in project implementations including technical support, data analytics and complete data migration in E-Commerce application.

Manjeet Singh
Chief business strategist- LiTeum platform

Currently the CEO at SPS INC . With over 10 years of experience in Project Management, Business Development, Sales and Marketing.  Have worked with both large and small team in delivering several Tech projects including Blockchain related ones. Manjeet holds an  MBA degree in IT and Marketing.

Sudipta Debnath
Community manager: LiTeum platform

 Sudipta is a community manager who has 3 years of experience helping brands grow their identity and remain relevant in an ever changing media environment. He focuses on cohesive campaign strategies that tell a story through engaging content, thoughtful targeting and careful, contextual marketing.

Frequently Questions

LiTeum will provide a hybrid e-Commerce Affiliate marketing solution powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology with a win win win value proposition for merchants, affiliate promoters and online shoppers.

LiTeum project is designed and developed by iDiTech s.r.o, a Prague based company comprising of Tech entrepreneurs and developers.

Solution to real-world challenge driven by wider adoption, acceptance and of LiTeum by major parties in the e-Commerce space (merchants, Affiliates and customers).

You need is Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet (Myetherwllet, Metamask) in   order  to receive tokens from contribution. LTMF is sent directly to your wallet.

Affiliate marketers, Individuals, companies, organizations who believe in the application of Artificial intelligence and Blockchain Tech to create real world useful solutions in Afilliate marketing

No, crowd contribution is not an investment

You can participate in crowd contribution with a minimum of $10 USD in BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH.

You can view funds allocation chart here

Yes, the distributed token of LiTeum can be traded and exchanged with other cryptocurrencies (Like Bitcoin or Ethereum) or for fiat currencies on various digital exchanges immediately after TDE by end of Q3 2018.

Our current release "bitcoin era erfahrungen" is fully functional.

Our goal is to release beta version by Q4 2018, fully functional version by Q1 2019.

All documents and presentations can be accessed here.

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